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BBA Course

What is BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)?
BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is a degree program in Commerce and Business Administration that can prepare students to manage companies. BBA is a 3-year program that not only enables students to achieve a professional qualification but also provides fundamental education on management and Business principles.
What are the Core Subjects and specialization available in BBA Course?
Some of the Core Subjects available in BBA Course are as follows: AccountingMarketingFinancial ManagementHuman Resource ManagementStrategic ManagementBusiness lawsEconomicsManagement Information SystemOrganizational Behavior
Specializations often include:
AccountingFinanceEntrepreneurshipAviation ManagementInternational BusinessEconomicsHuman Resource ManagementDesign ManagementInformation TechnologyMarketingHealthcare and Service managementSupply Chain ManagementReal EstatePublic SectorTourism and Hospitality
What are the benefits of opting BBA Course?